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Археология институтының журналы. А.Х.Марғұлан



The treasure from Sayram Medieval site

The Institute of Archeology named by A.Kh. Margulan of the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Science of RK in the territory of the medieval site of Sayram (Medieval city of Ispidzhab) made a sensational find of two treasures dates with the Medieval period. During the excavation in a zone of dwellings construction of the medieval period unique finds also were made. The jug with 2600 silver coins that were hidden at the bottom of old tandour. The preliminary dating of coins of the XIII-XVI centuries. The similar find of a treasure is the first large find of silver coins for all history of archeological studying of Kazakhstan and covers the period of the monetary relations of that part of the territory of Kazakhstan - from Emir Timur to Khan Kasym inclusive.

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The treasure of gold products of the medieval period situated nearby and it is the first find of this kind that was made in the territory of the medieval cities of Kazakhstan. Archeologists did only single finds of this kind earlier. Undoubtedly, gold products (a bracelet, rings, earrings, suspension brackets, pendants, plaques, small ingots, etc.), are unique and have great art value.



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